I am starting this blog because I need a place to write that is totally anonymous.  A written journal could be found – I’m hoping there is no way to connect this blog with me.

I am prone to censorship. To censoring myself, even when writing in a journal, because what if someone finds it someday? I have all sorts of ideas for fiction writing, but I am afraid of what those close to me would think. Particularly my husband. He is easily offended and does not want anything that could be perceived as negative about himself published.

So here, on this blog, for all the world to see, I will reveal my secret thoughts, things about me that only I know.  You will come to know me and my family, but I will keep the details vague.

I think in some ways we all need a pseudonym of our own, but especially women. Although we live in an era that allows great personal freedom, societal expectations and norms can be very constricting. It takes great courage to say what you really think and feel, or even to discover what you really think and feel.

This is my place of discovery.