‘So much to say, so much to say, so much to say’ – Dave Matthews Band

There is so much that cannot be said on social media, should probably not be said to friends or family, but that needs to be processed and that I want other people to have access to. Thoughts, opinions, feelings, perspectives.

We will go backward and forward in time. I started this many years ago, and left it idle. But I think my time is now to really have a pseudonym of my own. I’ll post bits and pieces of things I wrote in a journal, or as letters or emails and date them according to their chronological occurrence in my life.

A small filter will be applied, as this is being written for an audience as well as myself, but not a large filter. Not so much a filter as a lens, to make it easier for the reader to imagine my life, to enter my world.

And so we will jump right in to the middle of the story. Really often the best place to begin.